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Remember Bailey, Beagle/Basset Hound Rescue

Excerpt from Mystic Seafarer's TrailSecrets behind the 7 Wonders, Titanic's Shoes, Captain Sisson's Gold, and Amelia Earhart's Wedding:

After the kerfuffle over the wonders finally died down, there was another controversy in Mystic that just wouldn’t go away—what kind of dog was Bailey—really? People often stopped us along our daily walk to ask, “What is he, a basset hound and …”; or “A beagle and…”

While I am his third owner and can’t know for sure, his papers from an animal shelter state he is a beagle/basset hound mix. Most are satisfied with that answer, but others aren’t so sure. “His head looks like a lab’s” or “His ears look too small.” Others simply say, “He’s funny looking.”

His “funny” look is what endeared him to Jim and me—convincing us that we needed him. Some would say we “rescued” him, but that’s not how I see it.

Within hours of having our previous dog, Riley, put to sleep because he was terminally ill and suffering, our daughter Jackie went online from her college dorm room to find us a new pet. Riley had been our younger daughter Elizabeth’s faithful couch companion for the last five years of her life. (Riley was an older dog who came to our family under very unusual circumstances. His and Elizabeth’s story is told in my memoir, Anything But a Dog! The perfect pet for a girl with congenital CMV (cytomegalovirus). 

When Riley died, it felt like Elizabeth died all over again. He was our daily connection to her and now that was gone. Riley’s collar had barely cooled when Jackie called. “Mom, it’s not that I don’t miss Riley, but I just found a dog on Craigslist that needs a home.”

Two days later, Jim and I drove to upstate New York to meet Bailey. When his mistress, a single mother with four cats, opened the door of his large crate kept on the kitchen floor, he exploded out, jumping and scratching us all over with his long basset nails. The moment he caught sight of a cat, he was off—his short basset hound legs, perhaps made a little taller because of his beagle heritage, were no obstacle. In one giant, graceful leap he was over the sofa and on the trail of the poor, harried feline.

His mistress said, “I feel so bad trying to find another home for him, but I just can’t control him around my cats—they are my true babies. I got him at the pound when he was about a year old. I had gone in for another cat, but I just couldn’t resist that face.”

So, this was a dog that was too much for his owners—twice. Jim and I looked at each other grimly, imagining the disruption this hound would be to our quiet home. “But,” I whispered to Jim, “he does make me laugh—we could use some of that.”

When the owner timidly asked, “Well, what do you want to do about my dog?”

I said, “We’ll take him.”

Although Bailey was every bit as pesky in our home as we feared, unlike our over-protective Riley, we did not need to muzzle him in public, which vastly improved my social life. Instead of a muzzle, I dressed Bailey in all sorts of friendly bandanas, which became his trademark.

When Bailey and I strolled through Mystic, tourists frequently asked if they could photograph their children beside Bailey (they never wanted me in the shot). A photographer shooting a wedding party on the Mystic River drawbridge even asked if he could use Bailey as a prop. His face also attracted a filmmaker who used him in a commercial shot in Mystic River Park. [ii]

Although some called Bailey a “rescue” because we took in an unwanted dog, in truth, Bailey is a “rescue dog” because he rescued me from the overwhelming sadness of losing our daughter and her dog Riley.

The above was an excerpt from my travel memoir, Mystic Seafarer's TrailSecrets behind the 7 Wonders, Titanic's Shoes, Captain Sisson's Gold, and Amelia Earhart's Wedding

End Note: In failing health and suffering, we sent Bailey to that "distant shore" on June 30, 2014.

[ii] (Mercer, 2011)

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New Magazine for Widow/ers: FREE July online issue

Developing Strategies for Living Well after Loss

Free July online issue

East Lyme, Conn.— The new magazine, Pathfinder: A Companion Guide for the Widow/er’s Journey, is now available online. The public can receive free access to the July 2014 issue at


Joanne Z. Moore, PT, DHSc., of East Lyme, Conn., founded Pathfinder to explore and share the successful practices of widow/ers—artists, politicians, teachers and historical figures—who have learned to live well after loss.


Dr. Moore said, “What makes Pathfinder unique is the slant on how widow/ers need to look at everyday issues in new ways. It is a community where they can ask advice of experts and of each other to find strategies for developing a life of joy and purpose.”


In addition to compassionate and honest sharing of experiences among widows and widowers, Pathfinder includes practical advice on managing finances, health, relationships, travel, and home and car maintenance.


The July 2014 issue of Pathfinder features a widow who found new meaning by pursuing a career in art; famous widower Norman Rockwell who took a non-art class that changed his life; and a widow who is perpetuating her husband's memory by continuing his forestry work.


Moore is the author of the soon-to-be released book, “Common Sense: Strategies for Living a Joyful and Meaningful Life after Loss.” A noted speaker and workshop facilitator on end-of-life and survivor issues, she is a member of Toastmasters International and has achieved Distinguished Toastmaster level. She is the owner of Shoreline Physical Therapy, LLC, in East Lyme.


For more information, contact Dr. Moore at or visit


Photo caption: Joanne Z. Moore, PT, DHSc. Photo by Stephen W. Moore.

Contact Dr. Moore directly for availability of magazine excerpts and images.  

About the Publisher

Joanne Z. Moore, PT, DHSc., lives in East Lyme, Connecticut. In addition to publishing Pathfinder: A Companion Guide for the Widow/er’s Journey, she is the owner of Shoreline Physical Therapy, LLC.

When Moore was widowed in 2009 after 37 years of marriage, she found few resources to help her negotiate the new path her life had taken. She said, “Being widowed is not a stage of life that most of us prepare for very well. When it happens, we need role models and friends to support us as we transition to a new way of living.”


Moore’s 40 years of experience as a physical therapist has taught her to value life at every stage, despite tragedy. She has observed people learning to adapt to a new, fulfilling life of purpose even after serious injury and degenerative diseases. She has learned that the people who are happiest are those who can find the good in new situations. She drew upon this experience when her own husband was diagnosed with cancer. She intentionally made the last stage of her marriage rich in love. Her husband commented that they saved the best for last, as it was a time of great intimacy and harmony. They valued that time together as much as they valued each stage of their marriage. After his death in 2009 after 37 years of marriage, she continues to live intentionally. She honors his memory by managing 260 acres of forestland that he intended to help with his grandchildren’s mortgages.


Moore’s Pathfinder magazine supports the widow/er by telling stories of how other people have managed this stage of life. Stories are as varied as the individuals experiencing their unique struggle. Some describe common pitfalls, and some are inspirational.


In addition to speaking on physical health, end-of-life and survivor issues, Dr. Moore presents a variety of lectures of interest to widow/ers and staff who work with them. Widow/er topics of interest include “Process for Decision Making”; “Common Financial Mistakes”; “Charting a Course for the Future”; “Rediscovering Joy and Purpose”; and “Developing Personal and Professional Goals.”


Moore earned her doctorate in Health Sciences from the University of St. Augustine. She studied physical therapy at Quinnipiac University, Conn., and earned a master’s degree in Human Performance from Southern Connecticut State University.


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Resume Lisa Saunders of Mystic, Conn.

Lisa Saunders

PO Box 389, Mystic, CT 06355                  

SUMMARY: Skilled in press releases, public relations, marketing, writing, editing and desktop publishing. Author of several books and TV talk show host. Sponsor family for Coast Guard cadets.

EDUCATION: Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, B. S., Business Management and Marketing


Independent writing/publicity consultant, Nov. 2010 – Present: Write press releases, newsletters, marketing materials, and edit publications for several clients including National Field Service Corporation, Rockland Community College and Daughters of the American Revolution (Groton Chapter).


Mystic Seaport: Mystic, CT, 2010 - Present

Part-time Historical Interpreter: Orally present Mystic’s ship-building history and artifacts to the general public.


State University of New York at Rockland, Suffern, NY, 2006 – Oct. 29, 2010 (presently consulting)

Campus Communications Assistant

  • Promoted events and programs to the media, authoring press releases and alumni newsletter, SCENE, with quarterly circulation of 35,000. Located and interviewed successful students and alumni for human interest stories. Initiated and ran successful “Open Mike Nights for Writers.”
  • Used Twitter, Facebook, and RCC Speakers Bureau as additional promotional tools, which resulted in newspaper coverage of the college and faculty.
  • Composed brochures and edited catalogs.

Key Accomplishments

  • Awarded by the National Council for Marketing & Public Relations, District I: Gold Medallion for Academic Convocation Booklet (2010); Silver for Departmental Brochures (2010); and Bronze for ad print series, which featured noteworthy alumni (2009). 
  • Received national coverage on Fox and Friends and in Associated Press through press releases relating the circumstances of individual students or faculty to current events.

National Field Service Corp., Suffern, NY, 1998 – 2008 (presently consulting as Field Director)

Recruiter / Marketing Specialist for consulting company

Interviewed approximately 80 candidates monthly and communicated with clients on employment needs in the utility, communications, and right-of-way industries. Represented company at job fairs and coordinated marketing events, including annual 100-guest Christmas party and sleepover event at West Point Academy. Placed many applicants with AT&T. Maintained database of applicants in People Trak.

PUBLIC SPEAKER                                 

Topics:  How to Turn a Writing Hobby into a Career… Internet Marketing...How to Get Free Publicity…How to Get Published/Self-Published…How to Write Memoirs…How to Promote Your Business (or yourself)…

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Books by Lisa Saunders with image, summary, reviews

Jpeg images of all book covers (includes ISBNs, publishing dates, etc). Books are available online and through author by writing to her at: Quick links for purchasing followed by images and descriptions:

Paperbacks and e-books:

·         Mystic Seafarer's Trail

·         Ride a Horse Not an Elevator

Free e-books

·         How to Get Published
More Info

Genre(s): Non-fiction, memoir
Author Lisa Saunders says “no” to daughter Jackie’s pleas for a dog, fearing it will be too rambunctious around her disabled little sister Elizabeth. But she does make her a promise she thinks she will never have to honor: “If God brings a dog to our door, then you can have it.” In the meantime, the family wrestles with a series of dysfunctional pets: a flesh-eating hamster, an attack cat, killer ants and a very stinky rabbit. Then one day, the unexpected happens: a shivering, dirty puppy shows up at their door. But is this dog really Heaven-sent?
Plus: Latest news on how to prevent the far-reaching but little publicized effects of congenital CMV (cytomegalovirus), the #1 viral cause of birth defects—causes more disabilities than Down syndrome.
2-3 testimonials/reviews:
"Sheds light on a disorder that is preventable and not talked about enough. If you're an animal lover, you'll love the critter tales as much as the special-needs storyline...really lifted my spirits."
"Saunders takes readers on a road trip as harrowing as any Dog Whisperer training challenge...Beyond the laughs about a dizzying pet search, Saunders' dog tale is about a mother who candidly reveals her family's burden, love, and acceptance of a daughter born with severe disabilities-and the people, and pets, forever touched by her life." — Rockland Magazine

"Very touching, moving, personal; a joy to read. I laughed out loud and I cried. I congratulate Lisa on producing a very good piece of work.”
Gail J Demmler-Harrison MD, Professor of Pediatrics, Director of the Congenital CMV Disease Registry and Research Program, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas

Genre(s): Non-fiction
Brief Description for each book: Ever True: A Union Private and His Wife
The transcribed letters of Charles McDowell and his wife, Nancy, display remarkable devotion, and offer readers a unique perspective of the Civil War. These letters contain little known details about: hangings, prostitution, amputations, desertions, theft and murder among Union troops. Charles also describes personal contacts with Lincoln and Seward (of "Seward's Alaskan Folly"); battles of Cold Harbor, Jerusalem Plank Road, Monocacy, Opequon, Fisher's Hill, Cedar Creek; the Siege of Petersburg; Mosby's Men; and the Shenandoah Valley and Appomattox Campaign. The Ninth Heavy Artillery was a part of the Sixth Corps. This story is cohesive and informative yet charming and romantic in a very personal way. Vintage photographs enhance the text.
Where your book is available for sale: Ever True: A Union Private and His Wife is available through the publisher, Heritage Books;  author; and  Amazon.
2-3 testimonials/reviews:
"The story of how the marriage between Charles and Nancy survives separation, disease, the threat of death, and malicious gossip is compelling." Pamela Goddard, Ithaca Times
"Unusual ..."American Civil War Magazine
"An intimate portrayal of the relationship between a husband and wife that makes them interesting reading for anyone." Civil War News
 "I could not put the book down, it was fascinating at several levels. The story is wonderful as a view of a marriage under difficult circumstances and as military history. It is also fascinating to read of the gossip and moral lapses among the folks left behind. I enjoyed the down-to-earth language of Nancy and Charles and got several chuckles from their expressions. It is also interesting from the standpoint of a farming community coping with the loss of so many workers. I always wondered how they managed, this story helped me see. It was a great month-by-month list of chores and plantings and harvestings and just plain fun, like sleigh rides. You'll also get some insight into political opinions and racial attitudes among these folks in Central New York." D. Montano 

Book Title(s): Mystic Seafarer's Trail
Genre(s): Non-fiction: Travel memoir, New England History
Brief Description: Mystic Seafarer's Trail--A historical–and sometimes hysterical–journey to the “7 Wonders of Mystic” and beyond.
When most people think of the quaint seacoast village of Mystic, they think of the movie, “Mystic Pizza.” Yet when they visit this maritime community, they find a lot more than pizza! National Geographic named Mystic one of the top 100 adventure towns in the United States.
Want to embark on your own adventure in the greater Mystic area? Then follow the path featured in the adventure guide Mystic Seafarer’s Trail by local author Lisa Saunders.  Within its pages  you’ll uncover little-known facts behind  the “7 Wonders of Mystic,” Amelia Earhart’s secret wedding location, the sea captain who accidentally discovered Antarctica and several tragic shipwrecks off Watch Hill, R.I. You will also learn hidden stories behind Mystic Seaport and Mystic Aquarium, which houses the “Titanic – 12,450 Feet Below” exhibit. Read eye-witness accounts from residents about what it was like when Julia Roberts came to town to star in “Mystic Pizza.” Other locals you’ll meet include an old fisherman whose cousin is listed among those lost at sea on Stonington’s Fishermen’s Memorial and Ernie the Ledge Light Ghost.

The book also includes information about how to kayak under the drawbridge to pick up an ice cream order and where to paddle to the partially submerged schooner Marmion. Valuable tips include what NOT to wear for seal watching in the winter, where to thaw out afterwards, and how to picnic “Mystic Style” for excursions on historic vessels in warmer months. Learn about Mystic’s free bike sharing program.

About the author: While searching for the Seven Wonders of Mystic with her beagle/basset hound, author Lisa Saunders uncovers the secrets behind the Titanic’s shoes, Amelia Earhart’s Noank wedding and Captain Sisson’s hunt for gold. But will she ever find an adventure of her own—one that will make her thin and famous? Then it happens: when walking the Mystic Seafarer’s Trail (which she designed for those who don’t like to go uphill), she meets a blind sailor who invites her on a long winter voyage. Can this landlubber defy squalls, scurvy, and her fear of scraping barnacles to survive this epic journey?
Mystic Seafarer’s Trail can be purchased online, through the author and at these locations.
Also see Mystic Seafarer’s Trail: Self-Guided Tour Map
“You will laugh out loud at Lisa’s adventures in this part travel guide, part historical reference and completely hilarious tale.” Bree Shirvell, Editor, Stonington-Mystic Patch
 “Author Lisa Saunders has mastered the art/science/gift of writer-reader communication. She’s not writing at you; she’s talking to you…no holds barred. Her frequently disarming candor evokes reader reactions ranging from chuckle to head-shaking laughter.“ George Nammack, Long Island Boating World
Lisa Saunders has written an engaging and solidly researched narrative which should capture the attention of all who are interested in early New England history and the traditions of the sea that were one of its foundations.” David S. Martin, PhD., Professor/Dean Emeritus, Gallaudet University, Washington, DC 

Genre(s): Juvenile fiction
Brief Description for each book: Ride a Horse, Not an Elevator is a test of young courage. Lisa is a chubby city girl searching for friendship and excitement. She leaves home, and the elevators and bullies of a big apartment complex, to spend a summer in the country at her grandparents’ farm. Culture shock! Accompanied only by her loyal beagle, Donald Dog, Lisa faces a summer in a very different environment with its own challenges and dangers. Using an outhouse is the least of her problems! She is terrified of her new pony. Lisa’s grandfather is injured by a charging cow and needs her to ride the pony to get help. Remembering Grandma’s lesson about how love overcomes fear, she pushes herself past her anxieties to ride alone and obtain the help he needs. Also includes recipes from grandma’s kitchen.Where your book is available for sale: Ride a Horse, Not an Elevator is available through the author and Amazon.
2-3 testimonials/reviews:

“A ‘warm fuzzy’ in paperback form. It is a tangible tale for storytelling that provides a springboard for discussion between children and adults.” Ruth Zwick, Educational Director, Sentinel Publications
“A special treat for children and adults!” Mary K. Henderberg, Editor Wayne County Star
Ride a Horse Not an Elevator is a refreshing tale of a young city girl lucky enough to still have grandparents living on a farm.  Using the horse as a magnet, we have tied Lisa’s story of life’s lessons in this child-friendly setting to agriculture, the care of horses and horse nutrition, to human nutrition and good eating habits, fitness and exercise.” Jeannie Griffiths, Cornell Cooperative Extension Horse Specialist, Department of Animal Science, Cornell University

Available through author, Amazon, Lisa's Guide for Writers: How to get published & self-published and as free e-book on Smashwords.

"A great resource for writers and people who want to change the world. I highly recommend it for people who want to spread a message or promote their work."  Faye Hollidaye


"I love it. Lisa gives a lot of practical advice that's worked for her during her career. I have recommended this book to follow writers on two of my websites and have referred back to it multiple times." Dominique Rambert

Available through author, Amazon, Shays' Rebellion: The Hanging of Co-Leader, Captain Henry Gale;  and as e-book on Smashwords.

"Henry Gale was a survivor, as Lisa Saunders so ably illustrates in this fascinating account of his close encounter with death. He lived in perilous times, not only as a soldier of the Revolution, but as one of the leaders of Shays' Rebellion. His revolution lasted from 1775 till he left Massachusetts for the wilds of Vermont about 1790 and eventually upstate New York about 1800. Not to be missed!" David Sisson

"Tremendous Details of My Family History and the political actions of the time and era. Good read on my ancestor." Carolyn Johnson

Also available as a free e-book, The Woodcutter’s Tale is a tender fairytale for all ages about the process of healing after the death of a loved one. The afterword, written by Julie Russell, LCSW, seeks to help individuals understand the grieving process and to return to a life with purpose and meaning. This booklet includes Lisa’s story of how she's trying to move forward in a way that will honor the memory of her child.

Available through author; Amazon, Surviving Loss: The Woodcutter's Tale; free e-book on Smashwords.

"Please do not let this book pass you bye. The pictures and words are so very special. This is a simplistic story for children, parents, and grandparents alike who have ever dealt with the loss of a loved one-especially a child. This story expresses love, grief, and the most important hope of seeing our loved ones again. My family lost our 3 year old son recently, and this is a book I'm so happy to have. Not only is this special to our 5 year old son, but will be passed on to the many families around us who are facing the steps of life with heavy hearts of a loss. I'm so grateful this book has been written!!! Thank you!!!" Kendra M.

"A great quick read. For such a short book, it sure packs a punch. With honesty and radiance that only Lisa can provide, the reader gets a glimpse into the pain and healing that comes with the loss of a loved one. This book is very informative. I think that the CMV community is very fortunate to have Lisa as an advocate for them." Denise Ide