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Autographed paperback features Henry VIII, Martha Washington, Mary Todd Lincoln, Mark Twain, Hetty Green, Frances Wolfe, William Gillette, George Palmer Putnam (Amelia Earhart's widow), Milton Hershey, Grandma Moses, C.S. Lewis, Norman Rockwell, Captain von Trapp, George Burns, Katharine Graham, Julia Child, Coretta Scott King, Abby Day Slocomb

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Lisa Saunders, author of "After the Loss of a Spouse: From Henry VIII to Julia Child,” is now making autographed copies of the paperback version available on Amazon. You may purchase an autographed copy for $9.95 by clicking here. The e-book is $5.49.

After the Loss of a Spouse: From Henry VIII to Julia Child examines the bittersweet human condition of love and loss of 18 famous figures such as George Burns, Mary Todd Lincoln, Mark Twain, Coretta Scott King, and C.S. Lewis. How did they fall in love with their spouse and what did they do after their spouse died? Learn who was arrested, moved into their attic, confessed to infidelity, held birthday parties for cats, and coined the phrase, "Elementary, my dear Watson." 

"How they handled their loss, their guilt, and in some cases a plan for a future without their spouses, makes fascinating reading for anyone with interest in both the history and the human side of well-known figures." David S. Martin, Professor/Dean Emeritus, Gallaudet University

Book includes questions for discussion, making it ideal for book clubs as well as individuals.

Watch Lisa's TV interview on  "Community Culture Showcase" at:

Newspaper write-up about the book by Amy J. Barry in the Day: "What does Mary Todd Lincoln have in common with George Burns? Not a whole lot, except that they were also both widowed and are featured in Mystic [Connecticut] resident Lisa Saunders’ new book, 'After the Loss of a Spouse, Henry VIII to Julia Child.'...” Article found at: 

The widow/ers featured in “After the Loss of a Spouse: From Henry VIII to Julia Child” include: 

•Mark Twain
George Palmer Putnam (Amelia Earhart’s widower)
•C.S. Lewis•Henry VIII
•Martha Washington

•Katharine Graham (of The Washington Post)

•Norman Rockwell

•George Burns

•Julia Child

•Mary Todd Lincoln

•Grandma Moses

•Milton Hershey (Hershey's Kisses)

•Coretta Scott King

•Captain von Trapp (of The Sound of Music)

•Hetty Green (world's greatest miser)


•William Gillette (aka Sherlock Holmes)

•Frances Wolfe Sisson (widow of Mystic, Connecticut, sea captain who perished in one of Texas’s worst maritime disasters)
•Abby Day Slocomb (widow behind Connecticut State flag design sent recently opened time capsule from Europe during WWI).

Do you think you know your widow/er history? Take the "Widow Quiz!" see:

About the Author: Lisa Saunders is an award-winning writer and local access TV talk show host residing in Mystic, Connecticut. A graduate of Cornell University, she is the author of several books and works as a part-time history interpreter at Mystic Seaport. In 2015, Saunders was instrumental in getting Connecticut to become one of the few states in the U.S. to pass a law to combat the #1 viral cause of birth defects, congenital cytomegalovirus. In 2010, she was awarded gold medallion by National Council for Marketing and Public Relations Visit Lisa at:
Published: May 25, 2016
Act II Publications, LLC
$9.95 U.S.
150 pages
Paperback: 6" x 9" (15.24 x 22.86 cm)
 Interior: Black & White on Cream paper

 ISBN-13: 978-0692705407
BISAC: History / General
Lisa Saunders

PO Box 389, Mystic, Connecticut 06355

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After the Loss of a Spouse: From Henry VIII to Julia Child is the second book in the "After the Loss of a Spouse" series (first is "After the Loss of a Spouse: What's Next").
Contact publisher: Dr. Joanne Z. Moore, Act II Publications, LLC, Editor, Pathfinder: A Companion Guide for the Widow/er’s Journey,, 860-448-5149,


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