Publishers/Agents/Getting Noticed

The first step to getting published is to learn how to write good query letters (a query letter introduces you and your article to a publisher). The following article tells you how:

A good article about how to get your query letter noticed:
Literary agents
http://www.querytracker.net/ (it helps you search for an agent then keep track of what you sent them)
http://agentquery.com/ (has great links like listing large and small publishers)
For a list of agents, check out: http://www.aar-online.org/
Sally Stuart's annual publication, The Christian Writers’ Market Guide (Harold Shaw) provides a list of literary agents who work with Christian publishers.
Children's Publishers: http://www.cbcbooks.org/about/cbc_members_printable.html
Local history or genealogy, then check out: http://www.heritagebooks.com/publishing.htm
If you write books relating to disabilities, then consider the publishers on this website:

An excellant resource for writers and published authors:

If you write non-fiction, you will have an easier time securing a publisher—especially if it’s a how-to book or a local history book. If you still can’t get a publisher, then self-publish. There are also books on how to do that (like Dan Poynter's THE SELF-PUBLISHING MANUAL, or Tom & Marilyn Ross's THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO SELF-PUBLISHING). If you are successful in marketing your self-published book, a traditional publisher may become interested in you—because you already have an audience, a fan base.

Another way to go is to seek out special interest groups with funds for publishing. They are always looking for work that promotes their cause.

Writer's Magazines and E-Zines
For the top 101 websites for writers, visit:

BookSurge, part of the Amazon group of companies Acquired by Amazon.com in April 2005, BookSurge is a brand of On-Demand Publishing LLC, a subsidiary of Amazon.com Inc. Learn more. ... http://www.booksurge.com/

Your own blog: It is free. Go to: https://www.blogger.com/start

Writer's groups and networking:
Searches:http://www.dogpile.com/search news: www.worldpress.comSearch and receive alerts www.google.com/alertsBlogs:www.blogger.comwww.blog.comwww.livejournal.comSocial Network sites:www.facebook.comwww.MySpace.comwww.LinkedIn.comwww.Wink.com searches the above.www.PeekYou.com is similar to WinkSearch the deep Web:www.Pipl.comPeople search sites:www.zabasearch.comhttp://www.infospace.com/
Local Writing Groups:
The Hudson Valley Writers' Center (if you live in the Lower Hudson Valley
Check you local library and bookstore. They often host writer's groups. Try googling for writer's groups in your area. If there are no writers' groups in your area, start one. I have learned more from other writers than anything else. Visit your local library and bookstore. You will want to see their latest version of the Writers Market--a fat book that tells you how to write a query letter as well as listing publishers and agents.Your library may not store it on their regular bookshelf--ask the reference desk. There are also plenty of other books on how to write and promote your work to the appropriate publisher. The real problem, however, is that major publishers rarely look at unsolicited book manuscripts anymore. You must go through an agent. There are also books on how to secure the right kind of agent for your work (see the Literary Market Place at your library). The internet is also full of free advice on how to secure a publisher, find a writers’group, enter writing contests, etc. Learn how to use your search engine--just type in the kind of publishers (like Christian or picture book publishers) you are looking for, and you'll find their Web sites.