Free today: Ride a Horse Not Elevator

You don't need a Kindle to "buy" this children's novel as a free ebook today.  Just click on the following link to download it to your phone, computer, iPad or Kindle:

Good as a family read aloud, it includes recipes from Grandma's Kitchen and some tips for aspiring children writers and horse riders


Weds, Aug. 21, 6-8pm, “Writer’s Open Mic,” Mystic & Noank Library

Aug. 21, 6-8pm, “Writer’s Open Mic,” Mystic & Noank Library

The first 25 registered writers, ages 13 and up, are invited to read, sing, or speak about their work for up to three minutes. All genres are welcome including memoirs, music, fiction, essays, poetry, screenplays, etc. (G-rated material, please). Published authors are permitted to make their books available for sale at the end of the event with a percent to be donated to the library. To register, contact Lisa Saunders at: saundersbooks@aol.com.


Writing & Publishing Workshops

In addition to conducting private sessions, I am available to present writing and publishing workshops ranging from 1 to 8 sessions. I can present them at your facility or my office.

An example of my 6-week “Writing & Publishing Workshop”:

2-hour, 6 week sessions

Ages of Participants: 13+ (or grades 4, 5, and 6)

Class size: Max. 10

Participants Supply: Pen, pencil, paper, or laptop

Facilitator (me) Supplies: Handouts and/or her book, “Lisa’s Guide for Writers: How to Get Published & Self-Published”

Venue Supplies: Table, chairs, and if possible, PowerPoint equipment (although workshop can be done without PowerPoint).


Description of Program:  Writers of memoirs, fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and essays are invited to bring short pieces (G-rated, please) for presentation to the group where it will receive constructive criticism in an atmosphere of support and respect. The instructor. published author and writing consultant Lisa Saunders, will provide tips on getting published and writing exercises to get the stories flowing. The workshop will culminate with a pubic “Open Mic” reading.

Participant Outcomes: Participants of all abilities will learn how to celebrate and improve their craft, showcase their work, attract a publisher, build their portfolio, write a query letter, and how to self-publish. Through connections made with other writers, participants will be inspired to take their writing to the next level.

Program Outline:

Assuming 2-hour sessions for 6 weeks:

Week 1:

Writing exercise: Why do you like to write and what your goal?

Participants either read a piece aloud or hand out copies of prior work for reaction (group critique)

Lesson: Basic story outline and how to begin

Week 2: Group critique; Lesson: Building Your Portfolio & Copyrighting; Writing exercise.

Week 3: Group critique; Lesson: Finding a Publisher/Agent; Writing exercise.

Week 4: Group critique; Lesson: Writing a query letter and learning to summarize your book in one sentence; Writing exercise.

Week 5: Group critique; Lesson: Writing a book proposal; Writing exercise.

Week 6: Group critique; Lesson: How to self-publish an e-book and a paperback using print-on-demand services; Writing exercise.


My “Memoir Writing Workshop”

I also provide memoir writing and publishing help. Ways to spur memories: photos, recording data such as date, place of birth, names of parents and siblings, current events that affected growing up years and by answering some of the following questions: 

·        List your most vivid memories. Pick one and expand upon it.

·        Were you ever in an accident?

·        What major life lesson have you learned?

·        Query letter to an editor: Why should he/she publish your work?

·        Did someone ever save your life or you save theirs?

·        Were you ever afraid of something? How did you deal with it?

·        Do you know how to make something? Describe it.

·        What is the bravest thing you’ve ever done (or wish you had done)?

·        Describe one of the happiest times in your life.

·        Describe one of the saddest times in your life.

·        What is the best birthday present and/or surprise you ever received?

·        Your favorite holiday is…because?

·        Your favorite place is…?

·        Who had the biggest influence on you?

·        Name an extremely challenging experience you faced.

·        Name a time of extreme danger.


Instructor Qualifications: Lisa Saunders is an award-winning writer and TV co-host living in Mystic, Connecticut. She works as a part-time history interpreter at Mystic Seaport and is a columnist for In Town magazine. A graduate of Cornell University, Lisa is the author of several traditionally published and self-published books and writes professionally for several clients including National Field Service and the State University of New York at Rockland. Winner of the National Council for Marketing & Public Relations Gold Medallion, Lisa has spoken on a variety of topics at venues such as Cornell and Johns Hopkins Universities, The Washington Independent Writers Association, West Point Museum, Lincoln Depot Museum,  The Writer’s Center , and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

References: Sample dates and venues for Lisa’s workshops:

1/30/13, “Youth Writing Workshop,” Bill Library. "Lisa's manner with children is natural and encouraging, immediately putting them at ease. Her writing advice was advanced enough for adults, but simple enough for children to implement. By the end of the workshop, even the shyest students were sharing parts of their literary creations. This workshop was wonderful!" Andrea McKenzie, Bill Library, Ledyard, CT.

03/05/10, State University of New York at Rockland Community College (RCC).  Lisa organized a very successful series of Writer’s Open Mic Nights where a wide diversity of writers had a chance to read excerpts of their work. Lisa is very creative, hardworking, and a pleasure to work with.” Rich Syrek, former Dean, Center for Personal & Professional Development, RCC, Suffern, NY.

07/20/13, “How to Get Published & Self-Published," Emerging Writers Retreat. "Thank you, Lisa, for sharing your story, experience and wonderful energy! Everyone enjoyed what you brought to the program." Patricia Chaffee, Writer/Retreat Facilitator, Mystic, CT.


06/22/13,”How to Publish on Amazon,” Groton Library, CT. "Lisa, I just wanted to thank you for your “How to Publish on Amazon” class yesterday and pointing me in the right direction.  I really appreciated your time and knowledge.  Now to jump in...." Sue Palmer, RI.

07/11/13, “Ride a Horse Not an Elevator Youth Writing Workshop,” Riverfront Children's Center, Inc. "Dear Lisa, The children really enjoyed your presentation of your novel, Ride a Horse Not an Elevator, and receiving an autographed copy. That aspect especially did a great deal to help them feel connected on a personal level to the whole writing process." Susan R. Bailey, Development Coordinator, Riverfront Children's Center, Inc., Groton, CT.


11/08/09, “How to Get Published,” Tappan Free Library, Tappan, NY. YouTube video available at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_OjTb4sSaf8. Jill Gross, Adult Services, Tappan Free Library, Tappan, NY.